Catalillies Café Q&A 

Bring your socks for all play areas - grip bottoms for kids and regular for adults. 

Open Play Hours: Monday-Tuesday and Thursday- Saturday 9-12pm. 

Check Social Media for Hours and Updates. Weekly Schedule on Homepage with other classes and events outside of these hours. 

Events: We are excited to host your personal celebrations and family gatherings in addition to our community events listed on our calendar.    

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Bring Socks: Grip bottom socks are required for the play area to keep our space clean and tiny finger friendly! 

Please bring your own to enjoy play in. If you forget, we do have some available to purchase. Everyone needs socks in the play area. We have shoe covers for anyone who can not remove their shoes due to various reasons. 

What should you know about our play area?: Our play area is shoe, food, and drink free to keep it clean and safe for all kids and adults during their visit. We offer a supervised open play experience; please monitor and assist your child in playing safely and thoughtfully with the play space and their new friends. Unsupervised children may be injured or cause damage to equipment that will result in being asked to replace broken items and/or exiting the play area.  

Do you allow parties?: Yes, we love parties! We have a meetup option for small groups up to 8 kids during our open play times and we have private rental options for up to 55 guests available during any closed hours. Learn more about party packages here. 

We do not allow any parties to happen in our cafe space during open play without prior booking for our private party room. This includes pulling tables together, iced cakes, presents, and large amounts of extra cafe guests not playing in the cafe. Please email us to plan a celebration ahead of your visit.  

Open Play: We have drop in open play available, but we highly suggest booking your time slot before coming to make sure there is room during more popular times in the day. If you are traveling from far away, please reserve your spot to avoid being turned away due to capacity. 

How Long Can We Stay and Play?: We recommend 60-90 minute play sessions so kids (and their adults) have the best experience, but all kids are different so you can arrive starting at the beginning of the play session window and stay up until the end if that suits you. Our reservations are 60 minute windows to allow people to enter each hour up until 90 minutes before clean up time which is 30 minutes before closing.

What is Clean Up Time?: Clean up time allows for parents to have a conclusion to their visit that doesn’t involve a fit with a stressed parent in the end. The first half of clean up time you can help clean up if that helps conclude your visit, but you could also do the one last slide or one last ride around the play area before moving to the café side - this is a good time to grab a snack, read a book, do some coloring etc. to wind down before your exit. You should use the clean up time however best suits you to have a positive end to the visit.

Who Needs a Play Pass?: Simple, if you play, you pay :) Adults and babies in our café area, and older siblings tagging along do not need to pay for entry with a paying child. If you are coming in to enjoy the café or your older child is coming in to do homework or craft in the café area, there is a $5 entry fee for enjoying the space offerings and refreshment bar. Please limit adult/non-playing children to 2 per play floor child to keep our space open for other families. 

Multiple Kids?: We discount for multiple kids with the same caregiver! $18 for initial child entry, $12 for sibling entry, $42 for a family pass of 3-5 children with one caregiver. Every 5 kids require a minimum of one caregiver to monitor their play and make sure they are enjoying a safe experience. Grab a punch card to save with multiple kids as well! (This option is not for a group of 3-5 parents to bring their kids together for a discount. Please only use family passes if you have a family of 3-5 kids or are supervising a group of 3-5 kids - We understand wanting to save money, but our small business can not support this discount used in this way, so to continue providing it for larger families we ask that it is not abused) 

Memberships: Memberships are tied to families and can only be used by the kids that are covered. We offer family memberships for families of 1, 2, and 3-5 kids. Adults are free with their member kid's entry and do not have to be family members to supervise at the cafe. If you have more than 5 kids, ask us about membership options.  Visit This Page To Read More About Memberships!

Waiver: Must be signed before play. Click here to sign and play! Available to sign at beginning of visit as well.

Come Visit Us: Corner Spot on James York Plaza next to Shorty's Diner! 551-A Merrimac Trail Williamsburg, VA 23185

Can I Just Shop?: Yes! Feel free to stop by and purchase gifts or snacks in our retail area to take with you with no cost for entry. If you would like to enjoy our café space during your visit, we do ask that you pay the $5 adult entry fee for your stay. Our retail area is packed with great treats, drinks, and fun gifts for kids and adults and all gift purchases can come wrapped with a bag, tissue, and gift card ready to give!

Contact Us With Questions: Send all inquiries to