Planning An Enjoyable Holiday For All

Finding and creating the magic of the season can be daunting, but seeing the glow in our children's eyes and the wonder on their faces as they experience the lights, cheer, and spirit of the holidays is always worth it. When planning for the holidays, remember that the holidays should be enjoyable for everyone, so don't forget to schedule some cheer and joy for yourself too!

Enjoy your towns offerings 

With so many things to do around Williamsburg, you will have no problem making a fabulous list. 

A time to give away what has been outgrown

Foster a spirit of giving during the holiday season. Have the kids pitch in to find toys that have been outgrown or don't match their interests anymore. You can regift these to family and friends or donate to a worthy cause like the local Restore or DAV that is always open for these donations to fund their mission and find new homes for loved toys. 

Have extra plush? Some pet shelters need these this time of year, so see if one near you could use some cuddly friends for the pets in their care. 

Celebrate your time together

Plan nights for dinner together lit by Christmas lights or followed by a holiday treat. Enjoy the quiet moments of regular life with the festiveness of the season surrounding you. 

Grab dinner from one of the many local places to take a weight off of you and focus on the conversation, laughter, and enjoyment of one another. Throw in a festive drink like bottled soda or sparkling cider to add to the magic of the meal. 

Time is one of the greatest gifts we can give one another and it brings us the most happiness to relax and simply enjoy eachother's company. 

Enjoy holiday traditions

Make time for family traditions. Elf on a Shelf, Christmas Eve Box, Watching It's A Wonderful Life - may seem like little pieces of a huge holiday, but it will be what you and your kids remember most and what they continue as they go into the world. 

Didn't get around to checking off the traditions list this year? Have a pinterest filled with lists of ideas? That's ok! Create something simple that takes no time to set up. Grab donuts and coffee at Emily's Donuts or egg sandwiches at Aroma's and a walk around Colonial Williamsburg. 

Create a tradition that focuses on what makes you and your family happy and gives you the most unrushed, stress free time together for memories to remember. 

Gifts spread out

Stop doing all your unwrapping on Christmas! Draw out the enjoyment! We love to assign Christmas Eve to our out of town gifts. We have moved around a ton and have friends and family all over the country. To give their gifts time to be enjoyed and give us a non rushed celebration, we open each family's gifts, take pictures and videos and share them with our family and friends. 

Enjoy your gift opening time, schedule time for play and exploration of your new things and also time to leisurely collect wrapping materials for the trash or to stash away for next year. 

Wonder how to use that new back massager or face mask you just received? Take time to find a video tutorial and share it with the family so they can enjoy your gift with you. 

Flying wrapping paper and strewn ribbon definitely have their moments, but sharing the joy is where the joy of the holiday is found.

Time for stockings

Set aside time just for stockings - keep the anticipation. Sometimes we do stockings in the evening after returning from a family dinner, and sometimes we do it the morning after Christmas. The holidays have so much buildup and can seem rushed and over too quick - you can change that! Intentionally plan for continued enjoyment, surprise, and joy. 

Grab a tray of hot cider and enjoy the unveiling of everyone's small treasures. 

What creates the most enjoyment during the holidays for you and your family?

Say, “Hi!” when we see you at our local events and around town this holiday season!

Thank you for being a part of our journey!!

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