Our kid's are making memories and we are the magic makers behind the big days in their lives. 

Planning birthdays small or large are the type of core memories that will live in books, minds, and hearts for a lifetime. 

Here are a few of my tips for making their special day as unique as they are!

Book your location 

Finding your space for the birthday celebration you are imagining is the first step!

Booking out a space at the local rec center, or gazebo at a loved park, or hosting in your home are all low cost options that can be good options to add your own décor, food, and entertainment freely without a big hit to the budget. 

If you are looking for something with a bit more built in play, open space for your guests big and small we might be a good fit for your celebration. 

Have questions? Send an email to hello@catalilliesplaycafe.com

Book your date today to begin the planning process!


We love Canva for creating unique invites to print at a local print shop, but etsy has oodles of independant graphic designers that can quickly create your special invite to the exact specifications needed for your celebration. 

Paperless Post is a great option to get your invites out when you only have phone numbers and updates may be needed before the big day. 

Catalillies Play Cafe has a digital invite when you book your celebration that can be customized and sent out via text, email, or printed and handed out to make this easy to check off your list. 

Pick A Theme

Ask your kid and quiz them about why until they land on one that is a must! Involve them and their dreams as much as possible to make them a part of their own happiness. 

Surprisingly kids may have ideas, characters, stories that you didn't even consider that will make a more unique event to plan and enjoy. 

Add entertainment

Get a friend or family member to dress up as a featured character or reach out to a local company like Wishery Entertainment to fill your character needs with meet and greet, activities, and play along time that will be remembered long after the party. 

Planning the party time

Make a schedule and stick close to it. If you plan time to fit all your fun, food, entertainment, and activities, there will be no stress on the day of the celebration. Make a list and post it for partygoers so they know what to expect.  Don't forget to add the time to breakdown your decor, guests to comfortably leave, and for your family to make their way out of the party comfortably. It will ensure everyone knows what is going on and you don’t run short on time at the end. 

Plan an Activity 

Find something fun to be the pinnacle of the party like a Piñata activity or elaborate cake cut and reveal. Anticipation and surprise are great tools to build a fun party. 

Paper supplies -

Grab theme colors and printed napkins to make the budget go further! 

If you would like a good place to start grab a printed themed napkin and build your décor from there. You can grab themed colors and themed images to fill in the décor needs rather than buying the full licensed set to set your party apart and keep it a unique celebration. 

Decorate the party room 

Balloons, tablecloths, hanging décor, backdrop. All your pictures will feature only a handful of your selections, so create a grouped look that you can plan to focus on in pictures and keep everything cohesively on target for your theme. 

Set up a food spread that is great for everyone

My rule of thumb for a birthday food spread is to offer basics like water, fruit, and crackers for the pickiest of kids while also being allergy friendly. 

Branch out from there depending on the time of your event. 

Morning events are prime for charcuterie boards, donut holes, and baked bread items, where meal times can be easily filled with pizza, chicken nuggets, or cold cut sandwich spreads that are generally good for most guests. 

Less is more for food since the focus of the party is the play, activities, and theme. 

Grab the perfect favors to go home with guests 

Be creative and find something that will either give kids and activity, imaginative immersion, or learning experience with your favors. 

Save money and grab something as simple as a pot, dirt, and seeds to grow a flower after the party. 

If you are hosting your event at a space with requirements like grip socks for kids, giving themed grip socks is an easy favor that everyone will appreciate not having to prepare for. 


Make it fun! Theme the outfit to the party but make sure there is ample room for running and enjoying play. Encourage other guests to get in on the fun as well and dress up for the party. Imaginative immersion takes your celebration to a new level. 


Plan a party that you can enjoy too! 

Relax, take pictures, be in the moment and experience the magic alongside the birthday kid. 

Find a space that encourages you to be able to supervise your kid's activity while not having to run around at the same time. 

Each child's birthday is also a celebration of accomplishment for their parents and caregivers and deserves to be equally enjoyed :)

Book Your Birthday at Catalillies Play Café in 2023. 

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Thank you for being a part of our journey!!

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