Open Play 

Our open play space is a great place for kids to explore their imaginations and play safely while you relax in our café setting. 

Entry includes playtime for the duration 

of the session after arrival time

and complimentary coffee & refreshment bar during visit. 

(We recommend 60-90 minute play floor sessions for best experience)

Play Sessions are: 

$18 for first child, $30 for 2 kids, $42 for 3-5 kids 

with same caregiver

(up to 2 caregivers included with each paid entry)

So How Does Open Play Work?

Our open play sessions are scheduled to allow kids to enter throughout the play window and enjoy their choice of playtime length throughout the cafe. (i.e. if a play session is from 9-12pm you can enter as early as 9 and stay to play until clean up time at 11:30am) Younger kids will enjoy exploring our play floor throughout their visit, while older kids may want to take time to come out to the activity room or play games with family in the rec area and cafe to add more variety to their visit. Kids and families are welcome to enjoy the play floor for independent play or family interaction until clean up time. 

Clean up time is 30 minutes before the end of the session and allows adults and kids to wind down their play cycle. It is a great time to enjoy one last slide, to put away the toy they are playing with, to move into the cafe area for a quick snack or story before putting on shoes and heading out to the next activity. 

Adults can enjoy our coffee and tea bar that is included with entry and supervise play throughout the cafe area. We have snacks and bottled drinks for purchase in the retail area for kids and adults. 

Outside food is welcome, but we ask to clean up and place all trash in the garbage can before leaving.

All parties must have a prior reservation and rental in place. We ask that no parties with balloons, presents, iced cakes, etc. take place during regular business hours without a prior reservation. Please see party information here. 

10 Play Punch Card

Our 10 Play Punch Cards are great for saving a bit and using as you need!

They are good for any open play session - 

walk-in or (strongly suggested) prescheduled play time. 

They can be used for different kids or the same kid and include caregiver entry. 

1 Kid Entry - 10 Pack Play Pass $150 (Save $30!)

2 Kid Entry - 10 Pack Play Pass $250 (Save $50!)

3-5 Kid Entry - 10 Pack Play Pass $350 (Save $70!)

Monthly Membership

Our monthly investment membership 

is for your family to invest in Catalillies Each Month 

To Allow Us To Be Open For More Community Play, Classes, and Events each week. 

  Anyone can bring the children to play, 

the adult does not need to be the same for each visit. 

This membership allows you to enjoy walk in play when available, or book your play time (highly encouraged) at a discounted rate with additional member perks!

Members will enjoy:

Memberships will begin the day of purchase and continue until cancelled. 

Memberships will auto renew each month. If you do not wish to renew the package, please cancel through the confirmation email or reminder email before renewal date. We ask that you join for a minimum of 3 months so that we are able to continue our steep membership benefits.  

1 Month Membership (1 Kid) $26 

1 Month Membership (2 Kids) $50 

1 Month Membership (3-5 Kids) $74 

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Monday: Closed

Tuesday : Closed

Wednesday: 9am - 12pm

Thursday: 9am - 12pm & 3-6pm

Friday: 9am - 2pm (9am and 11:30am play sessions)

Saturday: 9am - 12pm

Sundays: 9am-12pm

Walk-ins Welcome! 

To keep play enjoyable we have capacity limits, 

to avoid a wait, save your spot! 

Rules To Play and Stay: 

Be Healthy

No fever within 24 hrs. of visit and not actively ill

wash hands upon entry, grip socks on in the play space, put all mouthed toys in the dirty bucket

Be Kind 

sharing, kind words, friendly hands, respectful presence, treat toys and friends with care

Be Safe 

use toys and equipment correctly, monitor children's play, slow down, pay attention

Do you have your safety waiver on file with us yet?