With Kids

Going on a trip this fall? Of course you are! 

Whether it is that perfect tree lot an hour out of town, or over the river and through the woods to grandma's house, you're going to need to bring back up. 

Here's the best stuff to keep in the car or travel bag so your kids are ready to go for any short or long trips this fall. 

Kids Erasable Doodle Book Set this set comes with an activity book and markers that will keep your kid busy long enough to save yourself a few "are we there yet?"s  Then once they've filled it completely, you can take a wipe and clean it off to make new art again. 

Melissa & Doug On the Go Water Wow! - This three pack is great for multiple kids in the backseat and is easily filled from a water bottle. Mess free and reusable makes this set a must have.

PicassoTiles 2-in-1 Double-Sided Magnetic Drawing Board - With so many options for magnetic boards out there this one is my favorite because it combines basic alphabet learning with free space creation in the same board with an attached pen so you never have to worry about losing it. 

Lacing Toy for Toddlers - A great hand eye coordination training toy for little hands, but also a fun fidget for older kids and adults. 

48 Pcs Bath Toys for Kids - These suction toys are multitaskers. Keep them on hand for play on an airplane tray, window, or simply build on them together. They are easy to pick up and work in all types of environments with easy clean up. 

Travel Tangram Puzzle - I love how this set can grow with the child. They can begin with simple matching and build to more complicated designs all inside an easy to travel book. 

Magnetic Blocks Tough Building Tiles - If you don't already have a set, I'm partial to this design. My kids have enjoyed building with these on a magnet board, the fridge, a tabletop, and also just making the click clack sounds of stacking them as well. 

Wooden Letter and Number Construction Activity Set - Bright colors, and open play design will allow your kids to build art as well as practice their letter making with this set. 

Interstate Highway Travel Bingo Set  - This is a classic that everyone can enjoy on the trip. These are the same vintage design that have been around for years and hold up to many plays. They also make a great tangible gifting item when giving an experience gift for the holidays or a birthday. 

Friendship Bracelet Making Kit - I love how compact this kit is and it is great for everyone to work on their fine motor skills. Also a great chance to create something to give to new friends they meet during their travels. 

Rubber Band Bracelet Kit - These teach basic weaving and come with a travel friendly case. They are great for beach and pool trips since they can get wet with no issue. 

2000 Stickers: Busy Farm Activity and Sticker Book - If you have a kid that is sticker obsessed you are not alone. This book of 2000 stickers with scenes and activities to fill in will surely keep your kid busy in the backseat or while waiting for a gas fill-up.

Disney Classic  Me Reader Electronic Reader and 8 Sound Book Library - "Read to me!" The demand that every driving parent dreads! This reader makes it easy for kids to be read to without the tablet experience. I love this classic collection because there is something for everyone, but with so many different collections you are sure to find a collection that matches your kids interests perfectly. 

Best Hidden Pictures Puzzles - Great to color and find as a group this collection will be a family favorite throughout the trip. 

NuFun Activities Mess Free Set - A less expensive version, that can be printed with any design you can get your hands on or just open for free creation without the mess. If there is a parent that isn't obsessed with these, I'd like to meet them!

Active Minds Wipe Clean Learning Boards - Keeping up with skills built in school can be hard when on a fun family trip, but with these boards it makes learning easy to incorporate and take a long with reusable boards connected together to avoid loss. 

Pocket Watercolor Painting Book - These watercolor pads are a parent's dream come true. All you need is water and a paintbrush to make beautiful art. No messy watercolor pack needed! With individual swatches of watercolor your kid (and you) can create and share art throughout your trip in this compact option. 

Crayola Washable Window Markers make it possible to stop saying no to decorating the windows during your drive. Decorate windows with creations and fun messages to other travelers, and even add some fun to your hotel windows to personalize your visit. 

Create-a-Cutie Animal - Let your kid's imagination wild as they create fun animals out of all kind of things. They have more than enough stickers and sheets to share with the whole family and turn any tired kid into a giggling one with the funny creations. 

Bubble Fidget Pop-in-It Spiral Notebook - A toy and a creativity journal all in one! Keep your sticker collection in one place, make notes about your favorite parts of the day, and don't forget doodling is great for everyone all while enjoying the blissful fidget pop-it. 

Thank you for being a part of our journey!!

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