A little about us...


We wanted to take a moment to introduce our family. 

I'm Lillian, genuinely good human, wife, mother, multi-business manager, and owner of Catalillies Play Café!

After 15 years of assisting small and large business owners in California and New York, I opened  my company Catalillies Assistance in 2021 in Williamsburg, Virginia to assist smaller business owners reach their goals and have a bit more time to grow and relax. I love the flexibility of my services and how much I can help with my years of experience in various industries. I enjoy what I do daily, and can't wait to apply my skills and life experiences to this upcoming passion project - Catalillies Play Café. 

Meet Steven, extremely kind and patient, husband, father, purchasing and sourcing guru, toddler juggler, and manager of Catalillies Play Café!

After going to school in San Francisco for Screenwriting, he transitioned to managing teams in upscale hotels in California where we met when working at a pet hotel together. He moved into purchasing and sourcing for hotels and medical providers after moving to New York to start a family. After relocating to Williamsburg in 2021, he began purchasing for the Historical Area at The Colonial Williamsburg Foundation. He has enjoyed meeting so many new people in Williamsburg, and looks forward to inviting everyone over to play and enjoy some time relaxing in our café.

Big hugs to our Frances who never runs out of energy and can't get enough books to read

She is shy, a pandemic kid, she spent most of her time with her sister, but is slowly coming out of her shell and has even made a few friends.

Say hey to Charlotte our future Zookeeper Veterinarian. 

She has a wide imagination and an even wider smile!

She can't wait to host you and your family in our café 

and meet new friends in the community. 

Why did we want to open up a play café? 

Well, for one when my husband, Steven and I had kids it just seemed like a constant struggle to find "kid friendly" zones that weren't overwhelming and uncomfortable. We happened upon a few cafes that were family friendly while leaning heavily towards adult relaxation and use, and thought if we could just add a portion for the kids to enjoy we would be in our perfect place. We love going to the park, exploring museums, and entertainment spaces when we travel, but we continued to search for a space where our kids could be kids, and we could meet other adults in our community with similar needs and interests. The play café idea was born in 2018 and we've been preparing and planning up until this point to get the concept just right for our community to enjoy alongside us. 

What are our dreams for the café?

Our hope for the café is that it will bring the community together. I, like many others, love small town stories that depict people knowing who you are, with a community rooting for your  success and supporting your stumbles. I believe strongly, that we create our story arc, and I want to create this community for my children and my neighbors to enjoy and thrive within. I look forward to sourcing our café items from local businesses and finding local service providers to come into the café and engage with our customers so that we can all grow our businesses together. A community café where families can come together and have fun while enjoying services and products from local vendors is our ultimate goal from Catalillies Play Café. 

Thank you for being a part of our journey!!

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