Why Plan Your Birthday 

At Catalillies?

Catalillies Parties are just more fun, and we'll tell you why!

Private Rental for friends and family

With a maximum capacity of 55 total guests you can invite the whole family to enjoy your celebration! Our space hosts up to 25 playing kids and a total of up to 55 people. 

Your base package comes with 14 children and you can add more children to enjoy the party at just $8 per kid! 

As the only private facility play space rental for kids in Williamsburg, we are so proud to open our space to your unique celebrations each week. 

Safe Space for kids to enjoy while adults engage

Our play floor is fully enclosed to keep kids where you can see them and engage kids in safe play while adults have ample space to enjoy socialization while supervising. 

Don't trade your comfort for fun, you can have both! 

DIY to Walk In Ready Options 

You are welcome to bring in your own decor, entertainment, food, drink, and activities at no extra cost! Take a look at our guidelines to make sure you will not incur fees due to damage or excessive mess and you are all set. Or let us take care of it for you! Add on decor, food, entertainment, the works and walk into a ready to go and enjoy party that requires nothing from you except to enjoy! 

Setup time to make it great before guests arrive 

Use your 30 minute setup time before guests arrive to arrange decor and displays for the party or simply to gather your family for a quick meal before the party activities keep you busy. 

Facility Clean Up So You Can Relax 

We take care of making sure our facility has been cleaned and sanitized for use before you arrive and take care of play floor, cafe, and party room clean up after your party so you can focus on your family and guests. 

And Now Even Better! 

After over 100 parties celebrated we have added amazing value into our rentals so you can have the best experience for your celebration. 

A Dedicated Party Helper will be there to help unload, set up decor, manage your party structure, handle any requests, and assist during breakdown, loading, and clean up! 

An Additional 15 minutes of clean up time has been added to the end of our rentals!! When you say goodbye to your guests at the end of your 2 hour rental, you can then breakdown your decor and load your cars with the additional dedicated time to lessen stress and rush during your visit

Easily book our base birthday rental package with opening 

on Friday evenings, Saturdays, and Sundays 

available to book now on the Private Rental Page

Want a weekday time or looking to schedule a private playdate during hours we are closed? 

No problem - Email us today to get the time scheduled so you can secure your reservation! 

When booking, our base fee is due to secure your date, 

and then you can add on anything else you need from there. 

All add-ons will be invoiced after reservation has been made 

and are due the week before your party. 

Come in to see our space during open hours listed on our website and google and we will be happy to chat about how we can make your celebration exactly what you're looking for. 

Catalillies Play Café is happy to be a member of the Williamsburg, Virginia community 

Thank you for being a part of our community!!

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