Catalillies Play Café Journal 

A little about me..

I want to take a moment to introduce myself and walk through my vision for Catalillies Play Café.

Halloween Activities To Enjoy Together

As a parent, I often look for ways to infuse the holidays into everyday so that my family can enjoy celebrations throughout the month in stress free ways that both the kids and parents can embrace. 

Here are my top 5 options to spend time together and create memories in our home or on-the-go. 

The Best (Non-Edible) Treats For Halloween

Still don’t have your treat bucket filled 

for the incoming trick or treaters this 31st? 

Don’t worry! 

Here’s a list of 10 non-edible treats 

that will keep you off the trick list this year!! 

Fall Kid Favorites In Williamsburg, Va

In a town that resembles a small town from a Halloween movie, it is bursting with fall festivities to enjoy. We've rounded up our favorites to enjoy with the kids during the fall season. 

Holiday Travel With Kids

Here's a list of the best stuff to keep ready to throw in a suitcase or backseat for all your holiday travel trips!

Top Gifts for Kid's First Holiday Season

A child's first holiday season is filled with joy and lifelong memory beginnings. 

It is also a great time to build a personal play library that will help them develop over the next year. 

Stocking Stuffers They Will Love

Stocking stuffers for kids can be hard when you don’t load up on the candy since they’re still working to empty their trick or treat stash. 

Here’s a list of winners they will enjoy throughout the year. 

Thankful to be Family Focused

This year more than ever, we are taking time to be truly thankful!

I am always filled with thanks during the fall and winter seasons

for what we have and what we are able to give. 

Gift Something Made This Holiday Season!

Kids love giving to the people that care for them all year long, but the process of creating unique kid made gifts can be taxing on the parents. 

This fun guide will create gifts everyone will love 

and you will enjoy how simple they are to produce!

Gifting To Be Remembered Throughout The Year

Sometimes in the search for the perfect new thing to gift 

we forget to give the needed that would be just as welcome. 

Last Minute Shopping.... No Problem!

As parents, we always have one more gift needed after we sit down to start wrapping. Well no worries at all, take our quick last minute no wait list and grab something special locally that will fill any person on your list!

Planning An Enjoyable Holiday For All

When planning for the holidays, remember that the holidays should be enjoyable for everyone, so don't forget to schedule some cheer and joy for yourself too!

New Year's Resolutions For A Parent With Kids

Set your resolutions to give you and your family a great 2023!

Planning A Unique Kid's Birthday Party

Our kid's are making memories and we are the magic makers behind the big days in their lives. Planning birthdays small or large are the type of core memories that will live in books, minds, and hearts for a lifetime.

Must Haves From the Play Floor!

A visit to the café can end with your kid falling in love with one of our fun toys or play aspects and you can always grab something for their home play space to enjoy between visits. 

Summer Activity Sheet 

Our Crafty Room is always filled with ways to bring your imagination to life, but if you can't make it in, this fun activity sheet will give you some time together to color, solve, and celebrate summer in Williamsburg, VA.

A Mom Run Business

Running a business is a full time job, but when added to being a mom your plate can quickly overfill. Moms always make it work to create the magic around them!

Father's Day Gifts From Catalillies Play Café

Catalillies Play Café is stocked full of great gifts priced right for the littlest kids to afford giving! 

A Family Centered Café

A family centered business can bring a community of people and businesses together.

It creates the opportunity for new friendships, and shared experiences, in a parent friendly environment.

Color By Number Your Way!

We've added a ton to our private rental add on list! 

One of these options is a personalized coloring and activity sheet! 

Enjoy this one fresh off the presses! 

Print out at home to enjoy a fun coloring activity made exactly the way you want!

Fall Activity Sheet 

Here is our newest activity sheet celebrating all things fall!