Our Members 

Will Make Us Sustainable!

We are working on ways to make Catalillies more sustainable and have more open hours for our community!

Our Members guarantee us that they will be in to play and support our space each month! 

Monthly memberships guarantee income for our space to cover rent, utilities, insurance, amenities, repairs and labor. These secure the space so we can continue serving our community and you can depend on our space to stick around for your family to enjoy! 

Catalillies mission is to be a sustainable space for all families to enjoy!

We have heard a number of times that our pricing is lower than our competitors and the value is much higher. We know and we are doing that for a reason! 

We want all families to be able to enjoy our space at least once a month. We know that money can get tight and we think that doesn't have to mean that you can't enjoy a day out with the family and not "break the bank".

Our space is meant to be sustainable from month to month simply by filling our play sessions regularly, and pouring any profits back into updates and building the community around us. We are a "not for profit" business model in a "for profit" business' clothes :) 

That's not how business works, Missy! 

We know that too, and believe me we have an ample amount of "business as usual" experience, but we can build something different for our community with your help! 

We need community commitments to enjoy and support our space on a regular basis. Just come out once every month and we will be sustainable! Come out more than that if you can or let a friend know about the space so we can fill our days with community! 

To reach this goal we are updating our memberships and have some exciting news for November and December of this year! 

Save big on Unlimited Memberships before they go away in December!

Use CODE MEMBER25 to save $25 off your membership when signing up this month - November 2023!

Click Here To Purchase Your Membership Before December 1st 2023!

As our founding members (yes this is our first year in business!) you will be the last families able to purchase unlimited play memberships! Grab them before December 1st, 2023 and keep them until you cancel. Yes, no expiration! They will renew only for you until you are ready to let them go! 

Our unlimited membership sales will go to secure our space for the remainder of the year and keep our schedule as listed and growing as attendance demands. 

Already a Member? Great! 

There is nothing for you to do to keep using your unlimited membership going forward! 

You are all set and thank you for investing in our space for your community and family to enjoy!

Starting in December we will begin our investment Memberships!

Huh? What is that??!!

This membership is a low cost investment that tells us you will be coming to the cafe once a month! This helps take care of our costs to keep doors open and allows us to work toward opening more hours, bringing on more support staff (think helper on the floor while you get work done in the cafe - DREAMS!)

We promise these memberships are not going toward profits, but will continue to be reinvested in our community space, the community, local small businesses, and building more family friendly spaces run by other families that believe in our mission! 

Memberships will start at $22.50 a month for one child. 

($35 for 2 children, and $47 for 3-5 kids)

This will give you one play session in the cafe and discounts toward other play sessions, classes, and events all month long! Don't use your play session this month? You can gift it to a friend or save it for the next month! This session does not expire! So say you are a member all year but only need to use our space for 2 months? Well, now you have 12 sessions to use over those 2 months! 

Having your monthly membership will be a great investment in family time, but also in keeping this space open for the community year round! 

Starting in December we will have a new drop-in visitor rate!

Yes, if you are not a member you can still come to enjoy a family friendly play session, class, or event in our space! 

We want to welcome everyone to enjoy the space, and to do that we will have a higher entry rate for non-members to cover our costs. 

We will still have reservations, walk ins, and private rentals available to non-members. 

If you are not ready to invest monthly to be a member, you are always welcome to enjoy our space, and that will never change! 

Catalillies Play Café is happy to be a member of the Williamsburg, Virginia community and wants to help grow local businesses and local family interactions to make our small town as welcoming and positive as possible!

Thank you for being a part of our journey!!

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