Stocking Stuffers They Will Love

Stocking stuffers for kids can be hard when you don’t load up on the candy since they’re still working to empty their trick or treat stash. 

Here’s a list of winners they will enjoy throughout the year. 

Art Supplies

Kids Art Smocks need we say more! 

These can be personalized with sharpies and stickers or just come to the rescue throughout the year during craft time. These are comfortable and easy to wipe off after the creation time has ended to be ready for the next use. 

Crayola Glitter Markers because stockings are for sparkles!

These Crayola markers work great and add a bit of jazz to whatever you or your kid is creating. They make great cards for teachers and friends and are much needed for older kids journaling as well. 

Mini Paint Palette Set - Pack of 5 are great for holiday treat bags and little craft kits. 

They have a hole for hanging off of a pad of paper, or any craft material, but are great just thrown in a stocking by themself. 

Scratch Rainbow Notes are small enough that they will last a long time and make fun little gifts for family and friends. 

A simple craft that translates well for young kids and can become more complex as children grow and expand their skills. 

Play-Doh Modeling Compound 10-Pack Case 

Enough Said!

This versatile craft supply is always needing a refresh and can be thrown in solo or jazzed up by tying a themed cookie cutter for the holidays. 

Fidget Toys

Extra Large 7" Fidget Slug Toys 

These fidgets have no age limit and no small parts. Great for desk or back seat enjoyment and are so much fun with no annoying sounds included. 

Power Your Fun Arggh Pop Ball Swirl LED 3pk

Who doesn't love a good light up toy?

These fidget balls are great for working on motor skills while also adding a little extra fun. 

Transformable Chain Fidget Spinner Pack (3 Pack)

A little bit of a build toy, and a little bit fidget they cover so many interests and are great for all the kids on your list to use them in a way they will most enjoy. 

Power Your Fun Arggh Mini Stress Balls for Adults and Kids - 3pk 

These stress balls are so satisfying! Squishy and brightly colored to keep little hands moving without a mess. 

5-Pack of Original Stretchy String Fidget

The stretchy string is always the first reached for fidget in our house and this pack has extra to share. Twist it, Pull it, but make sure to keep one for yourself to enjoy as well!

Bath Toys

Munchkin Little Boat Train Baby and Toddler Bath Toy, 6 Piece Set

We love these boats for bath and beach play and an easy travel stacking design. They are a basic that grows with your kid and durable enough to pass on. 

Boon JELLIES Suction Cup (Pack of 9)

Suction cup toys are so versatile. Easy to keep clean in the bath and keep their attention with many ways to use and build with them, but they travel well for use on tray tables and lap trays in the car or a plane as well. 

3PCS Suction cup spinner toys

These are fun bath time toys, but even better suctioned onto the car window for quiet play during drives around town. 

Shark Grabber with Teeth Biting Action Include 4 Toy Fish

This is the pool toy that keeps on giving. Great in a bathtub, but the fishing game this instigates will capture their attention for longer play periods. 

Fat Brain Toys Plui Cloud

The science behind this toy and the simple clean design make this a must have for all kids. It is great to use for rinsing soap off their face, and "cleaning" their rubber duckies during water play time. 


100 PCS Cute Little Animal Aesthetic Vinyl Waterproof Sticker Packs

Enough to share and great to stick on water bottles, toys, and plain items to add a bit more character. 

Kids Stickers 1000+, 40 Different Sheets

Give a few, keep a stack and use this all year long to reward great behavior or just as a rainy day activity. 

Scented Stickers Cherry Citrus Fruit Sticker Set Bundle - 8 Pack

Scented stickers will never go out of style. Your kid will enjoy gifting these to friends and adding to their creations. 

300Pcs Make Your Own Monster Stickers Scene Roll

Gift these with a pad or two of sticky notes and you have endless giftable creations to safely stick up in their room, on the wall, or fridge for grandma. 

Glitter Snowflakes Stickers (Dover Little Activity Books Stickers)

We love dover books! These little books are reasonably priced, beautifully executed, and offered in so many different designs to match your kid's interests perfectly. 

Fun Toiletries

Dino Egg Bath Bombs with Surprise Inside for Kids - 6 Pack

These make bath time fun and educational. Fun colors with a prize in the center will make this the hit of the stocking. 

Crayola Bathtub Fingerpaint 5 Color Variety Pack

Paint and soap in one! Kids love to add color to their experience and these make sure clean up doesn't give you a head ache. You're welcome!

Rainbow Cloud Bath Bombs Christmas Gift Set, 4 Pcs

Perfect for the tween on your list that wants the spa experience.

Crayola 10 Pack Flavored Lip Balms

Is there anything better than a pack of fresh lip balms? I can assure you that anyone on your gift list will applaud this addition. 

Sea Star Sparkle Mermaid SPF 50 Biodegradable Glitter Sunscreen

Never fight to put on sunscreen again! This product works great and adds so much fun to something kids need to do when going out to the beach or park. Your little mermaid or sea creature will love seeing their skin shimmer in the sunlight. 


Unicorn Jewelry Set for Toddler

Bright and colorful set that will be a fun addition to your kid's dress up set. Priced so that if they want to share a piece with their friend it isn't a big investment. 

8 Pieces Slap Bracelet Snake 

Slap bracelet and pet? Yes, we've found it! These make great friend gifts for classrooms with no worry about everyone getting one they like, but make great stocking stuffers if you have a few to fill. 

Tara Toys Princess Slap Bracelets

These slap bracelets are so durable and well made with the princesses or characters your kids have on their list. Change them over and over again and they are enclosed in a hard case for travel as well. 

Pop Bracelet Fidget Toys, 6 Pack

Fidget on the go! These bracelets keep little fingers busy no matter where you are and come in so many fun colors. 

Jig Bracelet Maker with Parachute Cord

Great motor skill builder and can get more complicated as your kid grows. This is also a great pre-holiday gift for the kid who wants to make their friends gifts on a budget. 

Dress Up

Animal Mask and Capes

I'm a fan of these masks and capes to encourage imaginative play without taking up too much space. Easy on off for kids of all different sensory needs. 

Butterfly Wings for Girls

This simple dress up character is gorgeous and will inspire hours of play in and outdoors. 

Beverly Hills Pretend Makeup Toy Set 

A mess free set of makeup for the kid with a big imagination and a parent short on clean up time. 

Snazaroo Face Paint Brush Pen

High quality face paint brush pens that are easy to use and create simple or elaborate designs for your kids to inject a little magic into the ordinary day. 

Real Working Nursing Stethoscope for Kids Role Play

The basics really are the best! This real working stethoscope will help your kids understand more about their bodies and inspire imaginative caring play. 


Glow in The Dark Stars Green 200 Pcs

The kid room essential that never goes out of popularity. Make the designs as complicated or simple as they want and add fun to bedtime. 

Color Your Own Pillow Case

This set comes with a high quality pillowcase and markers to use over and over again for a craft activity and enjoyable pillowcase for their room. 

modern-twist Doodle Mat, Mat & Marker Set 

This is my favorite placemat for kids! It is made of silicone for easy cleaning and comes with a high quality set of clean dry erase markers for endless use and fun. 

Dinneractive Utensil Set for Kids – Red Firefighter

A picky eater will be easily won over by this fun set of utensils. 

2 Pairs Kids Training Chopsticks

Great for sensory bins and building tool skills for eating all different kinds of food. A lot of adults would ask for these in their stocking too!

Games and Puzzles

eeBoo: Create a Story Cards

These beautifully designed cards create open play and a game with endless uses. Build story telling skills or work on cause and effect sequences with these cards that are durable and come in a case that will withstand a toddler tantrum. 

Educational Insights Kanoodle 3D Brain Teaser Puzzle Game

This classic pocket game is a must for anyone on your list that enjoys a good puzzle. So many different designs to create and the compact carrying case makes it easy to throw in a bag for use wherever you end up. 

Wooden Lacing Apple 

This classic toy is great at building hand eye skills and designed to look nice on a table top for a quick activity while you enjoy a coffee or conversation uninterrupted. 

Spot It! Classic Card Game

This game now comes in so many varitions, but the classic will always be a great stand by game for kids that can't read yet so that everyone can play together. 

16 Pcs Wooden Stacking Blocks Rocks Building Toys

These stacking blocks are great for skill building but would look amazing in a desk basket for fiddling with during a long zoom meeting too. 

Thank you for being a part of our journey!!

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