What Catalillies Is All About

We are rounding out our year headed toward a Very Merry First Birthday On February 3rd! 

We've Been Open Nearly A Year! And We Are So Excited To Have You Here!

What A difference a year makes. 

We have come a long way but our core missions remain strong and better than when we began.

We provide an accessible space for our community to come together and enjoy. 

We support local small businesses. 

We facilitate donations within our community and to local foundations. 

We pour our profits back into the local community every month! 

We are staying true to our mission and feel that the best is simply yet to come! 

We love celebrating with you! 

We just hit our 100th private party and we are so unbelievably proud to be a place you all choose to celebrate your milestones.

Our Private Rentals are great for family celebrations, birthdays, baby showers/sprinkles, and group gatherings. 

We offer private use space on the weekends, and by special request during any hours we are not open to the public.

You can check out all the details for our private rental offerings here. 

Events for the whole family are some of our favorite playtimes to host! 

All events include open play time, crafts, activities, and a themed event or meet. 

They are geared towards being an enjoyable time for kids of all ages but also for caretakers! 

We want you to relax so we monitor capacity and keep events low key so everyone can enjoy at their own pace. There are no forced parts or missing out because something isn't for you and your family. 

Just enjoy exactly what you want for as long as you want to, no pressure, just fun and quality time together. 

We are planning themed weeks into our schedule for 2024 and can't wait for you to see the fun infused into our open play, events, and classes! 

Curating Classes for the community is such a gift! 

We are always listening to our members and guests to see what they are wanting to attend and enjoy. 

Our ongoing yoga class program is unique in practice and flexibility and the most enjoyable class for kids to be introduced to yoga. 

Our under 2 developmental class is a great way to work on milestones and meet other local caretakers while getting questions answered by a professional

We are excited to build on these classes in 2024 and look forward to making some announcements soon. 

Check Out Our Current Classes Here.

Our Space Is Universal! 

We believe that universal design meets us all where we are and that's a great place to be! 

From our design, to our equipment, to our structure and capacity limits we have created a space where all kids and families can come to enjoy their time. 

Check out our playtimes, classes, or sensory friendly offerings to find a fit that works best for your family. 

We are endlessly looking for ways to support our sensory friendly guests and will continue to work to provide programs that fit their needs. 

We are a space where kids can disconnect and just have fun! 

We are asked a ton about our age limits and who the space is geared to and we originally thought it was for kids 7 and under, but have quickly found that kids under 13 love to play and enjoy our space fully. 

With our structure updates we now have no age limits to our space and invite kids of all ages to come and enjoy the space safely and kindly :)

We have a ginormous announcement for our 6+ crowd that will be fully revealed at our Very Merry First Birthday, so follow along to see the journey towards that fun addition to our cafe! 

Things Have Changed! 

Yes, we've made some updates going into December, 

but have not forgotten about you! 

Check out our Great Punch Card and Monthly Membership opportunities 

to keep 2023 pricing into 2024! 

We want our space to be accessible to our community and by investing in our space we are happy to invest in your families! 

Check out options here! 

Catalillies Play Café is happy to be a member of the Williamsburg, Virginia community 

and looks forward to growing our offerings in 2024!

Thank you for being a part of our journey!!

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