Why Should I Become A Member at Catalillies Play Cafe?

We are creating something great and we think you'll want to hear all about it!

We are beginning our new Investment Monthly Memberships!

This membership is a low cost investment that tells us you will be coming to the cafe once a month! This helps take care of our costs to keep doors open and allows us to work toward opening more hours, bringing on more support staff (think helper on the floor while you get work done in the cafe - DREAMS!)

We promise these memberships are not going toward profits, but will continue to be reinvested in our community space, the community, local small businesses, and building more family friendly spaces run by other families that believe in our mission! 

Memberships will start at $22.50 a month for one child. 

($35 for 2 children, and $47 for 3-5 kids)

This will give you one play session in the cafe and discounts toward other play sessions, classes, and events all month long! Don't use your play session this month? You can gift it to a friend or save it for the next month! This session does not expire! So say you are a member all year but only need to use our space for 2 months? Well, now you have 12 sessions to use over those 2 months! 

Having your monthly membership will be a great investment in family time, but also in keeping this space open for the community year round! 

What is our investment membership? 

Our investment membership is a way you can invest in Catalillies Play Cafe while giving your family a monthly space to enjoy play, learning, and socialization together! 

Each month as a member you will have one free play session included to use for your family to come to the cafe. This session will roll over month to month if you are unable to attend one month so you never lose this value!

In addition, you will receive a member discount of $5 off additional play sessions, 

and 50% off classes and events!

By investing in our space to help us plan for staffing, cleaning, maintenance, 

and labor, we are investing in you! 

Sign up to begin your family's membership today and use your member perks right away! 

How This Benefits You?

You get a space specifically designed to engage and support your family however you need that day. Use for engaging, educational time, a "caretaker" break, coworking, or just a great place to meet up and make friends. 

You save on your visits each time, and you secure this business to continue opening our doors to the public for years to come! 

Have questions before starting your membership? Drop them below or send us a message! 

How This Benefits The Community?

Catalillies Play Cafe is a business that both promotes and builds the local small business community and actively provides a space for community resources and donations. As long as we are open we will continue with our mission to create a family friendly space that provides a safe, clean, secure environment for local Hampton Roads families. 

We provide space for local vendors to sell their products and services and connect with local families. 

We run a parent swap area where unused toys and clothes can be left for other families to take as needed for no charge. 

We host donation bins for No Shame Period, Grove Outreach, and FISH to collect donations from families in a convenient manner and give back to our community on an ongoing basis. 

We are taking your investments and pouring them directly back into the community you live in so your dollar goes further to making our area better each day! 

Purchase a membership for your family or as a gift today to invest in our business each month and our community. 

What impact will this membership have on the Business?

Our monthly investment memberships give us the expected income so that we can plan for more hours/days open as need arrises, and cover our daily operating expenses. 

These memberships will be a way that we can give back to our customers with securing the continual updates and maintenance needed for a space where kids and families engage together. 

Our membership families will provide the backbone of our business to help keep our doors open to the public monthly and cover the overhead of having a brick and mortar business in Williamsburg, VA. 

We have seen many play cafe's close their doors in 2023 due to low attendance and overhead not being met, and we want to make sure that we aren't announcing our public closure in 2024. To avoid closing our doors to the public, we have created these memberships as a way that our community can invest in their families and this business to keep it accessible and growing in the future. 

Grab a membership today, or share with a friend the impact they can make today! 

Member Families Have The Total Experience! 

Members do have more fun! Members already know the rules, they know where everything is, they are delighted to find new additions, and they can explore the cafe for additional engagement independently to get a more valuable experience. 

We are more than just a play floor! Our members know this! Each week we have more to do when kids need a break from the play floor to calm down or engage differently. Our activity table is always open for coloring and lego building. Our craft closet is always coming up with fresh ready to go projects for kids to create, and finding a new sensory bin or experience is a great finish to a visit to avoid the meltdown of end of play. And if that is not enough, our full game, book,  and activity closet is always stacked high with family friendly engagement. 

Grab a membership and feel the difference with each visit! 

Grab A Membership as A Gift This Season

The most affordable gift for local families has arrived! 

Billed monthly you can gift families the opportunity to visit our space once a month, and have a steep savings for additional visits as well! 

You are investing in local business, but also investing in each family you gift to! 

Have questions about giving the gift they will use all year long? Ask us today! 

Already a Member? Great! 

There is nothing for you to do to keep using your membership going forward! 

You are all set and thank you for investing in our space for your community and family to enjoy!

Ready To Become A Member Today??!!

Use Code: FIRST25 to save 25% off your first month of membership!

Click Here to pick the membership that is right for your family! 

One Child Family: $22.50 a month

Two Children Family: $35 a month

Three-Five Children Family: $47 a month

Catalillies Play Café is happy to be a member of the Williamsburg, Virginia community and wants to help grow local businesses and local family interactions to make our small town as welcoming and positive as possible!

Thank you for being a part of our journey!!

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