Fall Kid Favorites In Williamsburg, Va

This is our 2nd Halloween in Williamsburg, and we definitely have found a few favorites!

As an official "local" Williamsburg parent, I wanted to share some of the highlights of our fall season

Pumpkin Patch

Pumkinville is one of the popular pumpkin farms that offers festive activities, craft & food vendors, retail, and décor options alongside the pumpkin and mums on your trip list. Their tube slide is easiest the most on brand farm fun you can enjoy during this time of year, and picking the perfect pumpkin from their mounds of different sizes, colors, and types means that everyone gets just what they want and all of the proceeds benefit local businesses instead of big box stores.  

Boo Bash at the Beach

James City County Parks & Recreation  threw a great fall celebration at Jamestown Beach. Filled with local vendors giving out treats, a sensory tent, bounce house, train rides, and festive activities along the beach. Our three year old fully enjoyed the sensory tent with orbeez bowls and sensory tubs. Our 4 and 6 yr old cousins loved the bounce house and slide as well as playing alongside the beach as the weather was more enjoyable than usual for the fall season. 

Jamestown Family Frights

Jamestown Settlement offers a limited engagement trick or treat kids Halloween event each year that is THE  ticket to grab once released. It never fails to win over our kids and even the adults can't help but enjoy the festive decorations, fun themed houses, and a well funded "parent tax" on the treat bags at the end of the night. Make sure to bring treat bags and lanterns or flash lights when the sun goes down to make it easier to keep track of your costumed children towards the end of the night. 

Community Trick Or Treat 

We are participating in our community's Disability Awareness Trick or Treat event on October 29th at the Abram Frink Jr. Community Center. Being able to participate in events that bring the community together for safe and fun socialization and meet with people face to face to discuss our business is a great opportunity to bring happiness and information to our neighbors during the holiday season. 

Trick or Treating with Family

The neighborhoods in Williamsburg are some of the best ones I have come across in our travel. Homes go all out to decorate and entertain their neighbors and local children on the 31st. With Williamsburg being unpredictable, I always have a quick link to Accuweather on my phone to make sure that the kids have underclothes ready to be most comfortable for their neighborhood trip. Enjoying this adventure with local family is one of the many times during the year I am reminded of the reason we moved down here to live. Enjoying holidays with extended family and having our kids build these memories together is something that has no price and will be among our very best memories long after they are "too old" to dress up for Halloween. 

What are your favorite Williamsburg area fall activities? 

Say, “Hi!” when we see you at our local events and around town this fall season!

Thank you for being a part of our journey!!

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