New Year's Resolutions For A Parent With Kids

I love the holiday season, but my favorite thing to do is write down my New Year's Resolutions before the 1st. I'm so excited to get started on making myself a happier more aligned person, and now with kids I have more to juggle, but still the same reflection time to think about how I can make 2023 a great year for myself and my family. 

Take More Time For Myself

This may initially sound like something that is just for you, but it helps in all aspects of your life to check off the you on your to do list first. (okay, well maybe in the top five!)

Make New Friends

Come on down to Catalillies Play Cafe with the kids and meet other parents. Say, "Hi!" to the parent next to you at the soccer game and start a conversation. Join a local walking group, or take a night "off" and go to a boardgame play group or a karaoke night and make chit chat like you did so easily when you were younger. 

Set Up As Many Automations As Possible

Why are you still chasing bills, reoccurring snack orders, or emails when you can schedule them ahead of time. 

Take it off your list!

Schedule your payments based on what you need. Set it and forget it! Never be late again! You can always go back and add more or adjust, but taking the time to set everything up now will save you mental space all year! 

Stop Procrastinating Tasks, Set a Timeline, and Get Them Done

Yes, we all have a to be done at some time list as long as a CVS receipt, but is yours getting any shorter?

Here is a quick way to do it!

Write everything down, note how long it will take to do, what is involved or needed to complete, and if there is an additional cost associated. 

Now plan it out!

I want to finish mulching out our small yard for the kids to play on next summer, I need to buy x more bags of mulch to complete, and it will take me x amount of time to cover the ground. I need it done by May because Virginia lol! Now let's add it to my calendar for April, and put a reminder to purchase the mulch for pickup to be loaded right into my vehicle a few days before. 

You can do this!

Make More Lists!

That leads me to make more lists! 

When you can actually see all the things you are juggling, it is more manageable and will add less stress when you are trying to get to sleep at night. 

Make lists for meal plans, clothing turnover, house cleaning schedules, places you want to visit, goals you would like to tackle. 

Don't Create Stress For Yourself

There are some things in your year that are predictable, take advantage of that and plan ahead!

The kids are going to have birthdays, plan now, book your spot, and set a reminder to finalize in the weeks leading up without the stress of scrambling for a date or space. 

Keep a running notepad on your phone of people you gift to throughout the year for birthdays, thank yous, prizes, a holidays and start filling in that list now! No last minute scramble or digging through the leftovers the week before since you already grabbed the perfect gift, on sale, and have wrapping ready to go!

With kids, everyday can be so different and unexpected, so if you have something you can predict, take advantage and get it done!

Get Moving With Less Screen Time

I would be surprised if this wasn't on everyone's list these days, but one of my ongoing goals is to make sure I am diversifying my actions each day. 

Getting a ton of computer work done, but not the package that needed to be mailed, or enjoying a binge fest, but not the coffee shop visit leaves you feeling like the day wasn't successful. 

What resolution is going at the top of your list this year?

Thank you for being a part of our journey!!

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