A Family Centered Café

A family centered business can bring a community of people and businesses together.

It creates the opportunity for new friendships, and shared experiences, in a parent friendly environment.

The Café provides a supportive environment that gives caregivers the support needed to come out and enjoy their time together without worry of inconvenience and uncomfortable situations. 

We work to create a welcoming and inclusive environment that will encourage positive interactions and relationships in the community. Our space has designated areas to gather and socialize with comfortable seating and varied options that allow conversation while supervising your energy filled kid! Since we are family run, we enjoy recognizing our regular members and seeing new faces everyday that are always finding someone to play with or talk over everyday parenting hurdles.  By creating this supportive environment, the space can encourage our community members to open up, make new friends, and enjoy their experiences together.

Catalillies offers a wide range of activities and programs 

that include various interests and age groups within the community. 

Our open play times vary in their participants depending on day and time and we even have focused times for under 2, rising kindergartners, and 9-5 working parents during the weekend. 

Our classes are offered in house and also include offerings by local teachers that specialize in preschool education and yoga. 

Our universal design fuels our sensory friendly play times and private rental offerings that are great for enjoying our space with lower capacity or utilizing the café for therapy. 

Events can be a great way to celebrate the everyday with local performers, educators, and special celebrations to be enjoyed as a family with the opportunity to meet new family friends with the same interests. 

By providing a diverse programming schedule each month, the café can encourages people of all backgrounds and ages to participate and connect with one another.

The Café design is shaped and laid out to promote a comfortable family experience. 

Our play floor and parent lounge area are laid out facing one another for simple supervision and ease of visit. 

This design choice allows parents to relax in either the play area or the lounge during their visit with the same visibility of their children. 

Families have unique needs, but the one thing that stays the same is that kids are unpredictable day to day and the space we choose to enjoy needs to flex with our needs. Catalillies does this with a comfortable setting and activities to do on both sides of the café to enjoy your visit. 

A family centered space would also not be complete without well thought out bathroom and changing facilities. Both bathrooms put parents at ease with roomier space, sturdy changing tables, and complimentary supplies (even extra clothes because accidents happen!) 

How did we know what you wanted?

Well, first we're parents that navigated a lot on our own and know what pain points we wanted to solve for other new parents, but mostly we listened! And we're still listening. 

Listening to other parents, what makes them comfortable, miserable, and what their fears of venturing out of their homes are have been the bricks that have built the solutions found at Catalillies.

You can't forget anything here that ruins your visit, because just like going to visit a good friend, we've got backups! 

We encourage our regulars to remember grip socks for their kids safe playtime and socks for themselves to enter our cleaner than average play area, because we want you to just come in and enjoy, but if you ever forget, we've got you covered!

Catalillies Play Café is happy to be a member of the Williamsburg, Virginia community and wants to help grow local businesses and local family interactions to make our small town as welcoming and positive as possible!

Thank you for being a part of our journey!!

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