A visit to the café can end with your kid falling in love with one of our fun toys or play aspects and you can always grab something for their home play space to enjoy between visits. Here are some of our most loved items!

Take a look at our most recent blog to see some of our favorites. 

Happy Foods Grocery is full of treats that can be enjoyed in your own home. 

Imaginative Play Piece and Shape Sorter 

All In One!

Shop with the basket and chop with the tools!

A space for a teddy friend and loads of groceries on the go!

Hands and Paws Clinic teaches kids to care for themselves and animals, and grabbing a few of these can keep the lesson going

A helpful tool and play item wrapped into one!

Durable dress up with fun tools to treat their parents or dolls boo boos. 

Grab a friend with a collar to take home after play. Name them and add it to their tag!

Great to collect real and imaginative pets. 

A great size for a pocket friend or to add to a collection of not so slimy pets.

Sensory Room: A place where your senses come to life. 

Fun for the whole family!

On the floor or the walls these create an extra level of sensory experience.

The Baby Area is a free space for children under two filled with toys to build their skills and intelligence.

A classic toy that is durable and beautiful, sure to be an heirloom. 

Fun for littles and their older siblings.

Play Area Favorites

Great to push around the littles and the bigger kids will catch on to the rhythm for a great ride!

So many ways for kids to balance, jump, and build their perfect course.

These soft dolls are great for small arms and easy to wipe clean from all the mess kids get into. 

Thank you for being a part of our journey!!

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