A Mom Run Business

If you have been to the café, I'm sure you already know this is a mom run business! 

From the design, to the format, to the hosted care; everything let's you know you are welcome, and there to enjoy your time!

I'm Lillian, a mom of two girls (3 and 6) and the owner and operator of Catalillies Play Café. 

Being a mom can be a bit like being the president of a tiny country. You are responsible for making sure you, your family, and your interactions with others are positive ones that makes the whole of your day to day a continually working microcosm. We are responsible for so much of the way our homes and communities are formed and are also learning how to do it everyday as we see examples around us and fail spectacularly but still get up and try again the next day. 

Moms, whether they are managing alone, with spouses, or with family and friend support are at the end of the day the most important people to shape their kid's outlook on the expectations they should have from the world around them. 

Catalillies Play Café is based in the thought that people should enjoy their time with family and kids. That caregivers can regain a bit more of their time from worry and stress to be able to live in the moment to play, work, or relax with their kids in a public space.  

Moms are relegated to multitasking with kids whether it is grocery shopping, errand running, or transporting from activity to activity. Most moms don't get much time to enjoy this time with their kids as they are rushed, hushed, and given the crust of the bread so to speak in most public spaces since they are juggling immature kids that don't fit the wanted clientele. Catalillies Play Café is a space where you can truly enjoy the time with your kids. This can look like hanging out on the floor of the under two area while your little crawls around, or pretending to treat a cat in the vet area with your kindergartner, or simply reading a good book in the café while your kids enjoy playing independently in the enclosed play area. The café grants you a space that is here to make you comfortable and let your kids be kids without the loudness, stickiness, and well worn surroundings we as moms have come to expect. 

A mom that builds, designs, hosts, and creates is who I am! 

I welcome moms to be the mom that they are with no judgement. 

Find your calm, productive, and funny in our space. With opportunities to play indoors with natural light pouring through our windows you can get a good dose of vitamin D while giving you and your kids the enrichment you've been looking for. 

Feel free to get on the floor and hang out with the baby in our padded area to encourage exploration and movement. Dodge a rushing kid on a shopping cart spree or a poorly driven ice cream truck! Let your kid hang out in our sensory room and find their calm as well! We are here for all abilities and needs to enjoy the space together with acceptance and understanding that we all have value in the café and contribute to our community in a unique way. 

Find your mom crowd here to meet at regular times and talk about shared experiences, work life, finding childcare, the latest episode of that reality show you watch after the kids go to sleep. In this environment you can let down your guard a little and know that if you're coming here you are looking to make friends, share experiences, and get out of the regular grind that takes the magic out of being caregivers. 

Our family helps with every aspect of the café to make this a mom's dream come true. 

Our family is here supporting the café daily making sure that it is an above average experience each time people visit. From program creation, to planned craft examples, to the organized play space we put our all into the space to make sure you are enjoying each visit. 

You will be surprised how versatile a space can be when it is designed by a mom and their family for other caregivers. I know the stress of forgetting things in the car and having two kids headed in different directions. I know that kids are unpredictable and what they ate happily yesterday makes them scream and cry today. We have complimentary changing stations filled with needs to save a trip to the car wrangling the kids in and out. We also have a wide assortment of favorite and allergy conscious snack and drink options that will make even the crankiest 2 year old perk up. 

Even the furniture choices were made to take the worry out of kids running into a corner, or rocking back on a chair. Everything is wipeable and sturdy built to last through many visits and stay in great condition for you to enjoy visit after visit.  

Some days are fails and some days are wins, but we wouldn't be moms if we didn't get up the next day and do it all again no matter what!

Not all of our initiatives, open hours, and ideas go off without a hitch. We definitely have hit snags with finding time windows that work for our community, and offerings that families are encouraged to join, but we'll keep trying and showing up for our community because we think this idea is worth it. Bringing people together in a positive environment where every visit is the opportunity to meet new friends for adults and kids is a real need in our community. We hear daily how hard it is being parents and caregivers, and if we are able to create one accepting, comfortable, encouraging space for families to frequent we have succeeded in creating something for our kids to work towards spreading as they grow and become their own community helpers. 

Thank you for being a part of our journey!!

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