Gift Something Made This Holiday Season!

Kids love giving to the people that care for them all year long, but the process of creating unique kid made gifts can be taxing on the parents. 

This fun guide will create gifts everyone will love and you will enjoy how simple they are to produce!

We can’t wait to see you at our Mom's Lunch Event at Colomn 15 every Tuesday 11-1pm!

Our Mom's Lunch Event is a low-key relaxed play session in Column 15's space with imaginative toy set ups sure to engage your little while you enjoy a drink or lunch. 

This is a free event, but we do ask that you purchase a drink or meal while there to thank Column 15 for hosting our playtime :)

One set of fingers with many ways to craft gifts this holiday season!

Grab some ink pads to use for all these great projects!

I like this one for projects so you get all the colors! 

Rainbow Finger Ink Pads, Set of 6

*Remember to wash hands before using the ink pad or the germs on hands will cause mold on the pad

Gift #1


Sometimes just a simple hand made card is all that a gift needs to be from the heart! Teachers receiving gift cards will appreciate the love that was poured into a hand made card this holiday season featuring your kids tiny digits art. 

Grab this pack of cards to keep kids busy making fingerprint trees, ornaments, or even Santa and his reindeer! 

White Blank Cards With White Envelopes 5"x 7" 

Gift #2 

Picture Frame Mat Art

Add fingerprints strategically on the mat with crayon or pen art to make them into animals, bugs, monsters, etc. Add a message if you want, but they look great without as well! Print out one of the thousands of Instagram pictures from the past year and you have a personalized gift that any grandma or auntie will cherish!

8x8 Picture Frames 4 PCS

Gift #3

Fingerprint Creature Art Kit

This is a great little bundle that is mess free for the giving parents but will bring a ton of excitement for younger family members and school friends. 

Grab one of the multi colored ink pads a sheet or two of the face stickers, and a couple of sticky note pads to keep those little hands busy and imaginations soaring through the holidays. 

Gift #4

Keychains and Charms

Perfect for the hard to give gifts! Personalized with fingerprints and message but small enough to attach to whatever helps them see it the most. 

Add a 2 fingerprints to make a heart with an I love you dad! note, or a fingerprint with added monster eyes and mouth with the word's mom's favorite monster for a great gift that every parent will make sure to keep close. These are also great for newborn info, put the print, name, and birthdate for a small keepsake that you can add for each kid. 

This one has a few more pieces, but will make tons of gifts for this holiday and all of next year!

We guarantee you will love making all of these gifts just as much as everyone will enjoy receiving them!

Enjoy the holiday season with each other this season! 

Say, “Hi!” when we see you at our local events and around town!

Thank you for being a part of our journey!!

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