New Year's Resolutions 

for you, your family, and your business

Each New Year approaches quicker and faster than the last it seems. It is a great reminder to take a breath, evaluate the wins and losses of the prior year, and create goals that will make the next year more successful or you the person you long to be. 

In the past I've had several resolutions conquered that have impacted my life in positive ways. 

Health wise I stopped adding "lose weight, get healthy" onto my list. I feel like all of us have added this vague idea onto our list and feel defeated when we fail to achieve this destinationless goal. 

Instead, one year I said I want to be able to be active with my kids and not out of breath when supervising and engaging them during activities. 

I worked with a nutritionist to key in on details of my day to day that would make this goal attainable and it boiled down to 3 points - be mindful of what is going in your body and make a concerted effort to have food and drink benefit your goal for health, happiness, and energy. Then being active - There was no daily number goal or set practice but choosing to be active daily in some form has made being active with my kids so much easier. The third point was simply moving away from sedentary choices that lead to more food and less activity - it doesn't mean you can never couch surf through a weekend but it shouldn't be your regular plans. 

With these updates in place I now lead a happier, healthier, and easily more active lifestyle for myself and my family which is so much more valuable than a jean size and an unhappy mom/wife. 

I always challenge others to ask how can their life be better, and find the answers in their resolutions with attainable definitions. If you are shooting for the unattainable, failure will not benefit anyone, so giving yourself the easy B at minimum is not bad in this case. 

This year I separated my resolutions into three sections. Resolutions for myself, resolutions for my family, and resolutions for our business. 

My personal resolution this year is to minimize the things I no longer use or hold close attachment to AND get them organized so I can enjoy them! 

I find that I so often find my Halloween shirt after the holiday and I truly enjoy that bit of cheer each season having the special shirt or necklace to wear for that short period. It is a positivity booster that a tired mom and business owner needs to keep going some days. 

My family resolution is to SCHEDULE more time together for enrichment and connection that is OUTSIDE of the cafe. 

Those two points I highlighted for myself as I found myself with loads of time with my family this past year but the holidays shined a light on the difference of time together when our business is not involved and how important it is that every connected time together not be surrounding what supports our family. 

We can succeed by enjoying trips and activities together, spending time working on reading and writing, and just enjoying a movie night in our home and there is no success metric attached like there is in a business. I felt like we didn't have enough family wins this past year that they could understand and they felt let down by the outcome, and I want them to feel success out of our time together in the future. 

Our business resolution is to dig deeper into our commitment to the community and our families. 

We support and promote local businesses in our brick and mortar space and want to actively support them in person and online more in 2024 to build a small business network that will benefit small businesses but local and visiting families so much. We also want to provide more opportunities for local educators, business owners, and parents to help with our business to supplement their income utilizing their skills and extra time to enhance our community offerings. 

We will do this in two different ways, by bringing more programs and play session helpers into the everyday of our cafe operations AND by starting the search for local families 25+ minutes away that are interested in creating a Catalillies Experience closer to their home for their community. 

We want to give opportunity where we saw mountains and open the door for people that have had a hard time finding legitimate income supplementation and opportunity to give back to the community. 

I always like to throw in the reminder that our messaging continues 

to come back to thanks for our current community and their support. 

Support with their attendance and support with their recommendations. 

And now our community can support in a monetary way with our monthly membership options. 

They give us a real foothold to create more for the community and continue our goals of community investment in 2024. 

Thanks for helping to refill our cup in 2023 and we look forward to your continued support in 2024! 

We wish you and your family successful resolutions in 2024!

Catalillies Play Café is happy to be a member of the Williamsburg, Virginia community and wants to help grow local businesses and local family interactions to make our small town as welcoming and positive as possible!

Thank you for being a part of our journey!!

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