Halloween Activities To Enjoy Together

When planning Catalillies Play Cafe’s opening date, I couldn’t think of a more kid friendly celebration than Halloween. Kids of all ages enjoy the holiday in ways that range from simple treat enjoyment to full on event immersion. It is one of the last few times a year when adults can be a kid again and join their children in a world of imagination.

Our first wave of events celebrate Halloween with a kid-friendly, no-stress, indoor party for ages 1-6 years old. Bring your kids out in a fun costume to socialize, play, dance, and enjoy seasonal treats at our opening events this October. Reserve a spot for your kid to be part of the fun today!

As a parent, I often look for ways to infuse the holidays into everyday so that my family can enjoy celebrations throughout the month in stress free ways that both the kids and parents can embrace. Here are my top 5 options to spend time together and create memories in our home or on-the-go. 


Halloween Party Favors Stickers for Kids

Our absolute favorite quick craft, especially when dinner is taking too long, are make-a-face stickers! This pack of stickers is a low cost go-to that is sure to keep kids and adults entertained with no mess. This one comes in a pack of 42 sheets so it will last the whole month with extra to share with friends! It even makes a great addition to the trick or treat bucket for an allergy-friendly option. 


Kid Wooden Magnet Creativity Arts & Crafts Painting Kit

Wood Magnets are great ways to capture kid art in a usable and seasonal way that will decorate your fridge or magnet board for years to come. I always make sure to name and date them on the back as a little time capsule so we can see how our children’s art develops over the years. One of my favorite parts about these wood cutouts is that you can use the provided paint to decorate for adults or older children, but young children can opt for washable markers to make their creation and keep things clean up free. 


Halloween Rainbow Scratch Masks

Decorating fun dress-up masks together is fun, but with the piles of pom-poms, paint, and feathers most kits include it can be a major headache for parents and a bit hard on kids patience levels to allow to dry before enjoying them for play. These scratch masks solve all those problems and make them super age flexible so the littlest and biggest people in your home can enjoy creating and playing in them together. 


Halloween Gel Window Clings

I love the help decorating, and the kids love that these are safe to stick and continue to play with on our windows and doors throughout the season. 

I grab a multi-pack of these to keep the fun going through the month. With no prep work and one more area of decoration checked off of your list, this activity will be a standby for each holiday for sure. 


Halloween Crafts for Kids Placemat

I am a huge fan of keeping a pack of Crayola Crayons within arms length for quick entertainment in a pinch. A roll of art paper, and some of these fun tablecloths are great options at home, but I am partial to a mobile option since you never know where the day will take you. These placemats are great for all ages to enjoy while either waiting for food to arrive or waiting for a younger sibling to negotiate finishing their chicken nuggets.

I hope you found something new for you to add to your arsenal to keep those little fingers busy and out of the mess making business. 

What are your favorite Halloween crafts and activities to enjoy with your kids?

We look forward to seeing you soon at one of our events! 

Reserve a spot for your kid to be part of the fun today!

Thank you for being a part of our journey!!

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